Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vague hope

Well, maybe it's my fate. whenever i like someone, they either cheat on me, physically abuse or just will go far away. Well, my last relationship which was about 6 months ago, taught me on how to be patient. I thank god for that. Cause whatever is happening to me now. Its a "vague hope". but a hope.

Well, yes. i do like someone. but like the title of my blog. vague hope. Full of possibilities. yet. i am a person who says, "what is life,if you don't take a risk". Though impossibility is possibility with challenges.

Hmm... But I am glad that i actually know him. Well, lets face the fact. I have not been going to the gym for 2 months cause of my illness, thus making me a hugable S size. I am not the best looking guy. But i do believe by just being me, i am a charmer. Haha.

But it is unreal. He is nice. sweet. caring. Though i knew him for like almost a month. But it feels like a year. Plus, i have this feeling like - Do you know the feeling when you know that someone is just you wanna be with. you wanna go for long walks with. you wanna do laundry together. you wanna watch DVD on his laps and feed popcorn. yeah, i sound like this hopeless romantic guy, but i am. What to do.....

anyways, i wont deny that im almost reaching to the point of head over heels on him but i wanna know him. if he does have to go away back to his home in NJ. I do not wanna lose contact. but yes i hope and pray, that what he might decide happens (he knows what i am talking about).
and if he has to go, i wanna make him be the happiest person, for his stay in malaysia. so he has good memeories and if he stays. Well he will be facing some really roller coaster ride with me. hahahaha...


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