Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is like taking out a pin from my vein.

Its never easy to forgive yourself, (self-realization), towrds the things you have done wrong, but it is easy to keep inside. Till one day someone tells you. It may sting like bee, hit you like a log straight towards your face but you just have to suck it in. evnthought its has been 2 years since you stop. I guess you cant runaway from karma. You just want to change yourlife, find someone that you can be happy with. But if i dont get that happiness. than, its ok. maybe im still in debt with my past...............


rizz said...

wahh lme mnyepi dri dunia blogging kann

Hid said...

hey. i feel the same way too..

maybe we do owe something in the past.. oo just that karma isn't finish with us yet.